Wishing a Body Piercing? Do’s and Don’ts for Safe Piercing


Body Piercing

Body Piercing

The word piercing refers to an opening in body where jewelry can be worn. People of different cultures and age have opted for piercing for centuries. Earlier Egyptians, Greeks and Romans were very fond of piercing. Piercing has been practiced by both worldwide. There are sundry ways to transform your look but body piercing is best opted among all by men and women both. It is not always same for others. For one it can be a temptation and for other it may not. So the feel of piercing is not the same.

In India Beauty of a Female is believed to be enhanced by some particular body piercing. Wearing some of the traditional jewelry would become impossible without it. So here we will discuss some of the common piercing styles adopted worldwide.

There are various types of body piercings trending worldwide which includes:

  1. Nose piercing
  2. Ear Piercing
  3. Eyebrow piercing
  4. Navel piercing/ belly button piercing
  5. Chin piercing
  6. Baby Piercing

Nose Piercing:

Among all the piercings ear piercing and nose piercing are common and widely accepted. Nose piercing has its own cultural value as it has been followed from 1500 BC. The piercing of the nose is done on the left nostril generally. Taking care of the nose piercing is easier as compared to others. Nose piercing does not create any hindrance at workplaces. So, one can easily get her nose pierced. Both nose ring and nose pin add a look to your personality.

Nose Piercing

Ear Piercing:

Again one of the most common piercing. In India most of the kids get their ear pierced at a very young age. Female as well as male undergo ear piercing to wear various kinds of studs. From our ancestors this piercing has been the most common of all. It Defines both Ethnic as well as western fashion.

Ear Piercing

Eyebrow piercing:

It is known as the safest piercing. It can be done vertically as well as horizontally. Between both vertical eyebrows piercing takes the front position. The good quality jewelry is used for eyebrow piercing to avoid infections. Eyebrows piercing can hamper our growth in the job front. So, one need to think twice before doing it.

Eyebrow piercing

Navel piercing

Navel piercing also called as belly button piercing is generally a girls’ thing. It is considered as the sexiest piercing and the best way for women to flaunt their slim waists. Naval piercing goes well with the crop top paired with jeans. As, it is a very sensitive area, extra care needs to be taken.

Navel piercing

Chin piercing

It is also known as Labret piercing because any type of jewelry is attached to the lip (labrum). It has become popular these days. But the location of piercing differs from person to person. Body piercing in parts our body inflicts pain and pleasure both. But the extent of pain and pleasure varies from person to person. Besides pain and pleasure extra hygiene should be taken care to avaoid infections.

Chin Piercing

Baby piercing:

It is generally done at the age of three or four, because the skin at that age is soft and supple and piercing can be done easily with less pain. While getting the baby ears pierced, one should first look for licensed professionals. As they are trained they are more hygiene conscious. Especially gun piercing is a big ‘No’ for the infants and children.  Gun cannot be sterilized and carries bacteria. Body piercing is obviously trendy and for some it is a style statement. For some it becomes a taboo because it doesn’t go well with all the attires.

Baby piercing

Do’s and Don’ts of Body piercing


  1. One should always go for safe piercing.
  2. Body piercing is a style statement.
  3. Body piercing builds confidence in people.
  4. One should always opt for professionals.
  5. The needle should be sterilized and checked before the piercing.


  1. Body piercing at the extreme is restricted at the workplace. Only ear and nose piercings are allowed.
  2. Gun piercing is not safe at all and should be avoided.
  3. There are chances of infections if the piercing instruments are not properly sterilized.
  4. Wearing wrong kind of jewellery can also cause problem in piercing.
  5. Piercing can be harmful if it is done by some inexperienced person.
  6. Proper light and hygiene facility should be there in order to get the safe piercings done.

As body piercing is stylish and modern form of change, is common among men and women. Earlier body piercing was done due to spirituality or religious purposes. But now with the upcoming of modernization people are taking body piercing as a cool and trendy aff

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