Green Coffee: Health Benefits and Side Effects.

Green Coffee and their benefits.

Now-a-days losing weight is an most difficult task. For this very reason people are finding way out in all sorts of supplements. Among all other supplements, green coffee bean extract is one of them. This supplement is extracted from green coffee beans. Now, what is a bean?

Green Coffee
Green Coffee

The coffee bean is actually a seed. The natural beans are actually green in color. They only turn brown after roasting. These beans are cleaned, dried, roasted, grounded and then brewed to produce coffee. A substance named chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans is responsible for the weight loss. Chlorogenic acid is believed to be an active ingredient. The effect of chlorogenic acid becomes less when the coffee beans are roasted. this is why roasted coffee has less health benefits than green. This is because if once the seeds are roasted their effect lessens.

Green Coffee
Green Coffee

Green coffee extract is produced from green seeds which turn brown on roasting and creates an aromatic flavor for the coffee lovers. It does not contain much caffeine. You can get the extract from the green beans, they are left roasted. Instead they are soaked and then concentrated to produce the extract. High content of chlorogenic acid is found in it which is responsible for the weight loss by lowering the absorption of glucose.

Health Benefits

Some of the health benefits are:

  1. Improves immunity.
  2. Balance blood sugar levels.
  3. It removes the excess fat.
  4. Boosts energy.
  5. Increases mental activity.
  6. Helpful in high blood pressure.
  7. Lowers LDL cholesterol

Side Effects

Everything has its pros and cons. Nothing is perfect. If we say that taking the green coffee beans extract will benefit us in every way, we would be wrong in saying that. Excess of everything is bad. Not every product works for every person. Effectiveness might  not be the same in two persons consuming it or it can also be the case that it does not leave any effect on the person either.

Some of the side effects  in case of overdose are:

  1. Unhealthy stomach
  2. Insomniac
  3. Restlessness throughout the day
  4. Increased urination frequency
  5. Increase in heart rate
  6. Vomiting
  7. Fever
  8. Headache
  9. Irritated nature

Prevention From side effects

It is very true and hard fact that whatever supplement we take in capsule form or extract form, the result is not 100%. But we still take in a positive note. So as to save yourself from the side effects of green coffee you need to restrict your intake of caffeine. Your daily dose of caffeine should not increase 400 mg.

In case you are facing health issues due to consumption of green coffee should consult a doctor. Rest consumption of green coffee is one of the most effective methods to stay healthy and fit.

For any other information regarding green coffee beans you can write us or leave a comment. Your feedback is valuable for us. Till then eat healthy and stay fit.

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