“A heart of the house, helping hand and a support to the man, and pride for parents”, this is the unsaid but felt the truth of the god’s marvelous creation called Woman. She is at her joyous expression when she is surrounded with her favorites and when she is looking at her best.


‘Shaamli’ is the platform that navigates you through the destination to your smile. ‘Shaamli’ is designed with all the answers that can possibly hit your mind regarding Beauty, Fashion, Health, Food, and not just these, it also has the bunch of suggestions for you about a strong Relationship, Work as well as it is also a Stress buster.


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We have researched many women of various statures about how they crack the nuts of life. Our aim is to be the first picked solution to every problem that women, whether working or housewife, young or experienced. Our health and beauty section will aid you in the solution that you can find in your kitchen. Our site caters you with the latest toppings of fashion that will make you stand stunning apart from the crowd.