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Intresting facts not known about Kerala

Interesting facts about Kerala

We all know that the city has been recently panic stricken with the worst calamity. Floods in Kerala have resulted in unparalleled losses in form of financial and emotional destruction. However, God’s own country still remains strong enough to face such a gregarious situation. The backwaters, pilgrim centers, wildlife, waterfalls, Forts and palaces have been described a bit in this article. Reasons that rename Kerala as God’s own country has been enlisted below. Also, we have included the current scenario of Kerala for keeping you well informed about the situation.


Interesting facts about Kerala Gods own country


  • Tourism :

    Kerala has been amongst the best tourist places of the world. Annually it receives more than 10 million travelers for exploring the vistas in form of lagoons, backwaters, waterfalls and more.

  • Ayurvedic treatment:

    Kerala is famous for the Ayurvedic treatment for curing various diseases and enhancing overall beauty. You cannot find any other place besides Kerala offering uzhichil & pizhichil treatments.

  • Natural Herbs:

    The beautiful variety of natural Herbs available in Kerala is certainly going to cure all your diseases at once. You can find Katfhal, Ashwagandha, Brahmi, yashtimadhu and amalki inform of herbal medicines. Also, you would find turmeric, cinnamon, tea, and coffee as a variety of edible spices and beverages in huge quantity. in fact, Kerala is famous for stupendous quality of green coffee.

  • Festival season :

    God’s own country always remains happy with the huge number of festivals celebrated right here. You can find a variety of temples, Mosque and Church at every corner of the place. The harmony and Unity in state of Kerala symbolizes the cultural existence and peace.

  • Literacy rate in Kerala:

    Kerala is one of the most civilized states of India. Indeed it has hundred percent literacy rate and highest sex ratio. With lowest population growth rate and highest life expectancy, you can imagine the life quality of people residing in Kerala. The prosperous country has never felt devoid of anything.

  • Monsoons :

    Every year monsoons first approach Kerala and then move on to other parts of Indian subcontinent. Mumbai follows the suit after Kerala and by the end of June; Delhi gets covered up with heavy rainfall.

  • Elephants:

    Since people of Kerala love travelling on elephants, you can find almost every Temple owning a personal elephant. There are quite a number of religious ceremonials held for elephants. In fact, Kerala recognizes elephant as the state animal. You can find several things which use elephant as the symbol of Kerala.

  • Rubber Production :

    The largest rubber producers of the world accounts for more than 91 percent of total rubber produced in the world. Indeed, Kerala stands fourth largest producer of rubber in the world.

  • First mosque :

    The first mosque in India known as cheraman Juma Masjid was established in Kerala, Thrissur district. It was constructed by Malik deenar in 629AD.

  • Information Technology and medical field :

    Enormous growth of Information Technology and medical field in Kerala has given huge employment to the youth residing there. In fact, people from outer boundaries come and well in Kerala for anonymous job opportunities and better quality life.

  • Suicide case :

    Unbelievably Kerala has the highest number of societal cases in the world. Despite being the most educated state of India, Kerala reports have clearly conveyed that it has the largest number of suicides each year.

  • Cleanness :

    The highest life expectancy in Kerala ensures that everybody received enough health facilities. Kerala is clean and green place. after all it’s God’s own country.

  • Culture :

    Kerala is strictly Biased towards cultural importance. Therefore, it’s the least corrupted state of the entire Indian subcontinent. You would rarely find cases of deceitfulness and cheating here. Also, there is at most transparency in everything they do.

  • The first Catholic Church :

    First Catholic Church of India named as Saint Thomas syro-malabar Catholic Church located in palayur district was established somewhere near 52AD by Saint Thomas.

  • Padmanabhaswamy Temple:

    Being one of the richest temples in the world, the Padmanabhaswamy Temple is known to have an estimated worth of 22 million dollars. The whole gold Temple Has a great historic value.

  • Trivandrum being the capital of Kerala has recently witnessed the construction of Techno park recently.

What are the current scenarios in Kerala after floods?

  • Problem :

    After flood water has receded; electricity and water supply authority of the state are working with the full capacity to restore everything back to the normal.

  • 8th August was the day when more than 10 lakh people were displaced and 223 people lost their life. After ending up rehabilitation efforts, Kerala is now trying to focus upon other important things. the seat is ardently working in evacuation of diseases, mosquito infection, availing clean water and restoring phone lines.
  • Chief minister pinarayi Vijayan is making all the efforts to receive funds from different parts of India bodybuilding Kerala.
  • People rescued during the rescue operations required put in the relief cams. Almost 95% people who were rescued during the operation have been shifted to the relief camps.
  • Release material from all over Indian subcontinent is provided to the state.
  • Donation :

    Nita Ambani recently donated 21 crores to the flood victims and also contributed a huge amount of 50 crores for supplying the routine requirements.

  • 85000 mobile towers have been restored back to the normal. The state has received generous amount of help from the entire nation.
  • 12000 liters of kerosene and sufficient amount of cylinders and LPG have been supplied to the state of Kerala.
  • Medical Camp:

    3700 medical camps have been set up to assist the affected individuals. The key concern is to void the diseases arising because of poor sanitation and animal carcasses.

  • Drones are sent to different places of the city for identifying the trapped individuals and rescuing them.
  • Losses worth rupees 21 thousand crores have been identified because of the calamity.
  • Red alert has been announced in 14 districts of Kerala.
  • Special team of Army has been assisting the affected people by supplying the necessity and rescuing individuals from the horrifying situation.


Let us rebuild Kerala by donating as much as we can in the chief minister fund. Even the slightest of contribution from your end would substantially help in the relief work.


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