Perfect Boho Look – Style it in Your Way

 Boho look (Bohemian) is itself a personality

A Bohemian(boho ) is known as a person, as an artist or writer who enjoys the freedom. They believe in vagabond life and act as a free and independent thinker. Bohemian have their own style of dressing and is popularly called boho look .

Boho look (Bohemian) is itself a personality. For all those who love to broom out the strict rules from their lives and believe in a profession handled with comfort and style are the epitomes of Bohemian roots. This style encloses the art within it. The style counts upon the loose and comfy attires. These are the ones which are an away from the sophisticated boundaries of the society. So, spoil yourself with freedom of style and attitude.

How Boho Look Originated?

Bohemain style is known as “boho” or “boho chic”. This style of dressing was famous in 1960s and 1970s. They focused on free , flowy and comfortable fabrics. This style focuses on environment because the fabrics used are natural. Bohemian look doesn’t really have any hard and fast rules. So everyone is allowed to wear it their own way.

Bohemian fashion was the one which was free from conventional practices and was freely followed by the people of that age. They are often referred as Gypsies also emerged after the French Revolution in France. The Revolution was a set back for many leading them into poverty and forcing to adopt a nomadic lifestyle. This style was before considered unfashionable. In Boho style, colors, patterns, accessories and flowers played an important role which makes it different from the unconventional style.

Boho Look Cloth Fabric

We have talked enough about the Bohemian (boho)  style and culture, but what type of fabrics , colors, accessories and make up were used is really very important part of the topic and to make the Boho look complete.

The fabrics which was used earlier by was mainly cotton, linen, silk, leather and fur. The colours which make them flaunt were white, beige, brown, earthy reds and oranges. Beads and embroidery are highly popular and cab be a part of clothing and accessories. Lace dresses tops, hats, and embroidery bags studded with beads are staples of Boho chic.

In conclusion we can the best part of Boho clothing is the comfort which one gets in wearing soft, flowy and loose fitting clothes. Perfect example for Boho look style is exotic prints, free flowing maxis, head crowns and mala beads.

Top 10 Bohemian Chic (Boho) Look Styles

As told before bohemian look is all about comfortable dressing in style you need to have some essentials. These are few must haves to get your perfect boho(Bohemian) look style Boho-cool- Sun glasses, Denim hippie jackets, Bohostyle purse, chunky-funky jewelry, Boho hats , cardigans, boots, and gladiators.

And here we take you through every possible manner to style you up in the Bohemian form using these ingridents and by utilizing the few outfits of your wardrobe. Here are various styles in which you can reflect yourself as you want to look in the Boho elegance.

Boho Jeans

Boho Look
Boho – Jeans

Csnt Go out with your favorite pair of jeans? Then this look will steal your heart away. A dashing style burns you up when blended with the best three commandos of fashion with the tradition of Bohemian – Skin fit denim, laced boots and a boho print cardigan. This combination can be worn with a tank or a crop top and a trendy leather belt. This package is the fashion that can shake any happening day.

Boho Look Dungarees

Boho Look

A well-tested companion to accompany your day, a dungaree, fulfills your desire to style yourself in the Boho attire. A denim dungaree with a long overcoat is the best outfit to warm up your winter. Wearing a hat and a pair of trendy bracelets complete the look.

Boho Denim Shorts

Crop Top Denim shorts with:

Boho Look
Denim shorts with Crop Top

Furthermore one of the most picked up outfits by ladies across the globe is the denim shorts. Here is the way you can blend it with the Bohemian culture. Wear it with a crop top and a long or a short cardigan. Add an oxidise or silver jewelry. A floral hair ring would serve the delicacy and don’t forget to bottom it with tall boots. Now, this completes the boho fashion.

Denim with boho loose-shirt:

Boho Look
Denim with loose-shirt

White and Blue are the anytime combination. Roll up your day with the funky combination of a cotton shirt with denim shorts added with ankle boots. Add it to the flavor of funkiness by adding a bracelet and you are ready to move out into the sunshine.

Bohemian with short kurti and denim shorts:

Boho Look
Bohemian with short kurti and denim shorts

To keep your day simple with just a pint of style then add Indian short kurti to your favorite denim shorts and ankle boots or laced boots. This will give you a style with straightforwardness if you are bored with too much jam-pang. You can also style it with a sleeveless short kurti and a denim jacket.

 Boho In Face Of Long Top

Long top with Cardigan:

Boho Look
Long top with Cardigan

To add a flavor of fine traditional printed cotton fabric, wear hip-length top of this kind with a high boots or gladiators. Cover your shoulders with a cosy cardigan. Furthermore this is a perfect match to walk with your casual schedule.

Strip boho Top:

Boho Look
Strip Boho Top

Pick up a traditional Bohemian printed strip top and pair it with tall boots for your feet. This gives you a relaxed boho look perfect for hot summer evening. But if add a metal necklace, a net hat, and a denim jacket, would change the look into a cool look.

Blend of Boho and Kashmiri:

Boho Look
Blend of Boho and Kashmiri

The Kashmiri fabric, well known as Pashmina, when embodies the knit of Bohemian craft, gives a legacy of fashion. The attire when paired with the high-ankle length black boots give you a touch style. You can walk with this or even add the decoration of a simple necklace and hat.

Print it in Boho:

Boho Look
Print it in Boho

Pamper your day with a cozy style wrapped in cotton. Pick a traditional number of cotton that has the knitting of the pure Bohemian land in addition with loose sleeves and a satin thread that gives it a look of a frock.

Bohemian net:

Boho Look
Bohemian Net

If you have a net hip top, here is how you can trick it up with boho. The pair of net or lace top, ankle or boho-heels and a hat to accompany them, will make feel the boho style with the accuracy. Just style up hair and you are ready for your day.

Boho maxi dress

Side-cut Maxi dipped in Boho fashion:

Boho Look
Side-cut Maxi dipped in Boho fashion

Dip your attitude in the Boho style with the long frilled maxi. Pair this attitude with the long boots and oxidized jewelry. This is a perfect style to boost up your Boho insolence. The style can also be added with a denim Jacky.

Artistic Boho style :

Boho Look
Artistic Boho

Boho is the style that projects the nature of the artist. You can tamper the artist within you by putting a maxi with a touch-up of the silver or oxidize ornaments and clogs. This hippy look is trending the winds of the world.

Boho Summer Wind:

Boho Look
Boho Summer wind

Chill your summers with a chiffon fabric socked in the floral or fine print. Similarly, Wear a chiffon maxi and a short denim jacket to style yourself like a boho. Carry a loose long bag to maintain your stuff and this can consequently give perfect artistic look.

Boho style dress

Up-Down Frills:

Boho Look
Up-Down Frills

The combination of baggy up in addition with down frill frock with Boho style ankle boots gives you an ethnic Bohemian chic.  This style enhances the hippy look which keeps you engaged with your art.


Boho Look

Style your Boho look with a delicate print on a Malmal fabric knee-length frock. Top your shoulders with a denim rough sleeves jacket and boots to complete the look. This is a dress code for cool missions because of its comfort.

Chiffon in Boho:

Boho Look
Chiffon in Boho

The pair of chiffon frilled frock and knee-length boots is another spoon of style. Highlight the chick with boho hat.  This style of Bohemian taste is up-to-the-minute and is a corner stone for many.

Boho look Skirt

Skirt and Top:

Boho Look
Skirt and Top

If you are looking for a graceful style then try a Thai print skirt with the striped top. This couple of elegance suits any mood of the day and add American boho style beadwork flat sandals. And there you are ready for your day.

Crop the Boho :

Boho Look
Crop the Boho

Planning for a vacation? Then this look is a must for you. For a perfect makeover of the holiday mood, wear a Malmal fabric skirt with a cold shoulder or simple crop top . Mertiso’s tips best adsense alternative Style it up with delicate jewelry and a Boho heels, “a perfect stand-apart look for a friendly look.”

Boho skirt with top:

Boho Look
Boho skirt with top

Looking for an unusual boho look that offshores the other styles? Wear a Boho old-days skirt and team it up with a full sleeves top and a roll over a scarf.  Consequently this style is an evergreen chic.

Slit-skirt Boho:

Boho Look
Slit-skirt Boho

A Boho print side cut long skirt paired in addition with a tee give you stylish professional artist expression. Being in this outfit makes you complete boho personality and don’t forget to heel your feet with frilled ankle boots. This look is perfect especially for girls with tonned thighs and can carry this look for a perfect day out.

Denim and Skirt pair:

Boho Look
Denim and Skirt pair

Try the Indio-Boho look. Put on a long frilled cotton skirt with a tank. Add the boho look in addition with the sophisticated denim jacket and hand a hand-cross-stitched bag. Yes, an impeccable outfit to match your studies or a profession.

Kurti with Boho Skirt:

Boho Look
Kurti with Boho Skirt

If you too have Love for kurties like me  then here is how you can couple up your kurti and a long skirt and flip the mood into boho look. An oxidiseteeka would look lovely in your boho mood. In order to especially complete your this boho look with perfection you can always pair t with Indian Juties. This Look is Perfect for shopping days. Style yourself in comfort

Boho Style Plazo

Boho Look
Plazo In Boho Style

Plazzo are the new favorite wear of females of all ages . Also there are numerous ways style your plazo with a twist  and you can even wear plazo to have a perfect boho look. Furthermore you can take a match-match palazzo and crop top and roll up your denim jacket to wipe off the laziness of the day. This look is a perfect thing to carry for a coffee date or an outing with your friends. The best part of this look is that you can look glamorous that too in a comfortable attire.

Boho style saree

Boho Look
Wrap a Saree In Boho Panche

Furthermore if you are you under a dilemma to dress up for a traditional event or a party but pobably in a trendy manner? Now, this is an Indo-western look dipped in boho fashion. Wrap a geometrical print saree in addition with a chic blouse. Add heavy silver jewelry to it. If you want to wear this look for professional meetings then you can always carry it with silver necklace.

So pick your way of styling the boho chic and get ready to ramp your day. The Hence, Bohemian is the definition of ease carrying the essence of art in it. In short boho is a free spirited person, close with nature and respector of the earth.

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