10 Perfect summer lip color you must try the season


summer lip color

Summer Lip color this season

Wearing a summer lip color is more than just applying tint on your lip. It is indeed major part of any makeup regimen and also acts has a cognitive correlation.  A good quality lipstick adds so much of glamour to your personality and protects lips against sun rays and environmental impact. It is very important to choose the correct lip color.

Choosing the right summer shade is all about how well it compliments your personality. A good quality lip color gives you a bright smile and reduces yellowness of teeth. The eye enhancement does not need any special makeup once you have a correct lipstick shade at your disposal.

Perfect 10 summer lip color are:-

  1. Cherry red –

    Cherry red Summer Lip color

    Loved by celebrities and approved by the leading fashion enthusiasts, Cherry red tint gives a glamorous and subtle look to every woman on this earth. Irrespective of your skin tone, the bold color is a party wears shade along with looking perfect in a corporate dress.

  2. Nude –

    Nude is a perfect shade for women having light skin complexion. A nude shade lipstick magnifies the style aura of the person wearing it. It perfectly matches with bold eye makeup and is all time favorite of summer season. Once you get a suitable nude shade lip color, your summers are automatically going to get breezy and stylish.

  3. Coral –

    Coral Summer Lip color

    A coral shade lipstick is particularly the best for people having dark skin tone. Although, its looks cool on every person, yet dusky women would look better wearing this shade. A correct lip color has a role play in hiking your confidence level as well as enhance your look. It up lift your spirits and gives you the strength to face the world with a positive energy altogether.

  4. Peach-

    It is another cool summer lip color shade and is suitable for all sorts of summer occasions. You can buy a Peach lipstick belonging from reputed brands. That glam Diva look without any extra expenditure is only possible with peach lip tint. Just a little bit of retro eyeliner look clubbed with beautiful Peach lipstick is enough to catch on all the attraction.

  5. Brown colors –

    Brown Summer Lip color

    The brown color lipstick is perfect for the ones who dislike loud lipstick shades. A brown summer lip color matches every kind of personality, age group and skin color. Moreover, it is easily available and you don’t have to feel dilemmatic while picking up a shade for yourself.

  6. Purple –

    Purple Summer Lip color

    The Purple lip color was long forgotten until Aishwarya Rai revived it once again. The out of the box color is particularly the best for bold personalities. Alternatively, you can go for light purple shade instead of a dark colored one to prep your lips. No matter whether you are planning out a pool party or a simple get together, a nice light colored dress would always look good on a purple color lipstick shade.

  7. Maroon –

    Maroon Summer Lip color

    Yet another cool and fantastic summer lip color shade that is always worthwhile for different skin tones. The breathtaking summer lip color gives you a sporty look and changes the entire fashion game at once. So if you wish to give yourself the next level personality alteration, try adding Maroon shade lipstick to your cosmetic collection. This is a sober color has it all to make you look perfectly beautiful.

  8. Fuchsia-

    Fuchsia Summer Lip Color

    Instead of buying a typical pink color lipstick, the best is to go for brighter neon version tints that simultaneously highlight your eye makeup. Creamy color lipstick looks rich on a lady who has thick lips.

  9. Orange –

    Orange Summer Lip Color

    Hit the heat, and go for the astounding orange summer lip color shade in form of mat or loss. The crazy orange color always looks extremely hot on all kinds of personalities.

  10. Neon colors-

    Neon Summer Lip Color

    Want to have a bold makeup look? Apply different shades of Neon color with minimal makeup to look sizzling hot. And, do not forget to follow the correct method of applying a typical neon shade like Deep Purple, hot pink ok oral. The Pale skin colors always enjoy neon Shades much more than any other skin color. Choose a perfect lip brush for that dramatic look and managing the shades correctly.

Don’t forget to wear correct summer lip color

More than anything else, it’s important to wear the chosen lipstick shade correctly. Your appearance totally depends upon the way you have applied your lip color. Pay attention towards outline, inner area and overall shape of your lips. Make your lips look plumper and gorgeous with the help of makeup tutorials available online.

Why picking up correct shade of summer lip color is important?

One of main reasons why women have to pay much attention by picking up a summer lip color is because of psychology. A wrong shade can fetch you lot of negative comments and a free ticket to bizarre look. When you have to feel confident in tough time, it’s your lipstick that makes you feel intensified. In any situation, a lipstick empowers femininity and unleashes the zeal hidden within.

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