Top 10 Super food you must include in your diet

Super food for healthy mind and body

Super food is highly rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Apart from giving you a healthier life, they can make you happy too. They can encounter cognitive decline, cancer and fat deposition with just a single serving every day. Not to mention, with better mental functioning and physical health, life automatically becomes more manageable .

You can find rarest essential nutrients like alpha beta carotene, vitamins, antioxidants, potassium, and magnesium in super food. They have recommended dosage of each mineral that work on everybody organ for fortification. The detoxifying compounds can clean your colon and thoroughly keep you fresh.

 Let’s check out top 10 super food:-

Chia seeds –

Super Food
Chia Seeds

This is easy to digest super food. Chia seeds are highly versatile super food and has multiple benefits, Originated in Mexico. Chia seeds is dense in nutrients and give a bunch of energy when combined with your normal food. They help us getting healthy skin, muscular stamina are excellent for digestive system.

Flax seeds –

Super Food
Flax seeds

It is identified for health protective properties, flaxseed is rich in fiber and is loaded with nutrients.With a single spoon of flaxseed every day, you can have a good amount of Omega 3 fatty acid, protein and vitamins in your tummy.

Cinnamon –

Super Food

It could you ever imagine that cinnamon can be flooded with so many health benefits? Well I was not aware until I discovered the list of super food ! Cinnamon is a warm Spice that is sweet in taste. It is an amazing antioxidant that can encounter free radical and simultaneously address your ageing process.


Super food

It can provide you don’t have to exclude it from your diet no matter what. Just 3 grams of it in can give you all the power to Slow Down The aging process and fight from bad cholesterol. Also, it has anticancer properties and caliber to reduce blood pressure. So if you are prone to kidney diseases, heart strokes, allergies, anemia and low muscle strength, Spirulina is the answer for it. The heavy metal arsenic may become a part of your body with poor water quality. Having Spirulina can end that toxicity in your body right away.

Berries –

Super food

Fiber is not a part of our daily nutrient most of the time. Therefore, our digestive system and waistline can face a lot of problems. However, with berries as an excellent source of fiber, you can add it in your yoghurt, smoothie and oatmeal for getting that desired dosage of fiber each day. It has antioxidants to keep your memory absolutely sharp and Vitamin C for those much required skin firming properties.


Super food

The beautiful looking eggs are flooded with protein and essential nutrients. Counted among the best super food of all time, a single egg can provide you almost 6 grams of protein for keeping your eyes and hair Shiny and healthy. The age related muscular degeneration and blindness can never become a part of your life if you consume eggs each day.

Green tea-

Super food
Green Tea

It wins the favor when it comes to finding the best super food of all time. It is rich in flavonoids which are essential antioxidants to keep you fresh for the entire day. A cup of nicely brewed green tea has Vitamin C and amino acids in it.

Oranges –

Super food

Another underrated fruit that act as an astounding source of essential nutrients and of course Vitamin C. oranges can produce white blood cells to wipe off any life ending infection. Also, it has collagen, foliate and fiber to set your body free from diseases and lack of nutrients.

Tomatoes –

Super food

Lycopene antioxidant is not so common in any of the vegetarian food. In fact, studies have come up with results which showed that lycopene can protect you against cancer, low cholesterol and UV rays. Give your body routine dose of Vitamin C, potassium iron and fiber with tomatoes and avocados.


Super food
kale kale

It has a fierce competition with spinach when it comes to counting the nutrients. Being one of the best super food, kale can fight with ovarian diseases, breast cancer and occurrence of ageing effect. It has phyto nutrients that keeps your mental level in a healthy state.

Why is it so important to consume any super food?

Having Spirulina, cinnamon, chia seeds, and flaxseed are not only important for enhancing your taste but also for nourishing your body.

The problem of chronic fatigue, reduced virility, Insomnia and lesser energy are all the outcomes of immunodeficiency. In fact, Cancer is also spreading like wild fire. Ithas its name amongst most common life threatening diseases. However, the probability of Cancer disease can substantially reduce with super foods. They can strengthen your immune system and provide longevity. So do not mind consuming tea, Berry smoothie, Peruvian Maca extract and goji berries every day as they can reduce fatigue and give significant boost to your life quality.

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